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Auburn High School Choral Company

The Auburn Choral Company is a collective group of students who are combined for one purpose, to create music.  Auburn High School has a rich history in both choral and show choir literature.  The ACC prides itself on being a well-balanced program and excelling in every aspect of vocal music.  Currently at the high school there are 4 performance groups with 2 of the groups being the competitive groups. Chamber Choir is a learning environment for the least experienced singer.  We learn music theory and sight-reading skills as well as sing in three main concerts during the year.  Vocal Jazz is for the most experienced singer with a high level of music theory and sight-reading skills.  Elan, the women's ensemble, is a group of 44 singers that performs a wide variety of music.  This year the group won Grand Champion of the Women's Division at the Capital City Classic, 1st Runner Up at the Mississippi Show Choir Competition, and 1st Runner Up at the Homewood South Central Classic winning various best vocals, best choreography, and best show design awards.  The Varsity Singers is the premier performing ensemble comprised of 56 singers.  They perform the highest level of choral music as well as compete on the highest level in show choir.  This year the Varsity Singers won Grand Champion twice, 1st Runner Up once winning various best vocals, best choreography and best overall effect/show design awards.  Although competition is a part of what we do at Auburn High School, we pride ourselves in appreciating all types and genres of music.  We hope that we can share our music with you!

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