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Information for the

2024 Auburn High School Showchoir Showdown



FRIDAY - $15

TIER 3 - $8


TIER 2 - $8

TIER 1 - $8



Showchoir Showdown 2024 with Tiers.jpg

Quotes from Directors, Choreographers, and Adjudicators:

"The Auburn Show Choir Showdown is a great, educational experience for my students.  The friendly workers, expert judging panel, and on-time schedule make this contest stand out as one of the best in the south."

- Cam Weiler, Wallace Community College

"Auburn's Show Choir Showdown provides a positive yet competitive atmosphere for students across the Southeast.  This competition is a world-class example of genuine hospitality displayed at an extraordinary level.  You feel right at home."

- Tay Stinson, Choreographer/Adjudicator

"We love attending Auburn's competition!  Their students and parents create a welcoming and supportive environment.  The facilities have the ideal flow for hosting show choirs.  The judging panel is always filled with fresh, well-seasoned judges, who always give easily applicable and appropriate critiques.  Make sure a visit to the plains is on your show choir calendar!"

- Gavin Dover, Oak Mountain High School

"Auburn's Show Choir Showdown is the first competition I schedule my group for each year.  Auburn High School's stage, warm-up and equipment storage spaces, homerooms, and cafeteria are all exceptional.  They have everything your groups could need at a competition; they also have a superb understanding of what it takes to not only run a competition effectively, but also ensure that every student, director, and spectator has a great time at the competition."

- Cody McDonald, Homewood High School

"The Auburn Show Choir Showdown is a great contest for all show choir students, directors, and spectators.  They have a great facility, they have great food, and there is no shortage of southern hospitality."

- Darren Dale, Adjudicator

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